About us

Our Mission

The mission of Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club is to foster a life-long enjoyment for the game of lacrosse for youth boys and girls, residing in the West Metro Denver area. The Club will offer developmental programs for youth boys and girls through the 8th grade. Programs will include teaching individual fundamental skills, the essentials of team play, proper physical conditioning, and most importantly, good sportsmanship. Through its coaching staff and volunteers, the Club will encourage players to develop a positive attitude, self-discipline, respect for others, and commitment to the success of their team and club. RMSLC will strive to make participation in the sport of lacrosse affordable, safe and a positive experience for players, coaches and parents. RMSLC is a volunteer organization.

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Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club is a youth sports organization dedicated to promoting the sport of Lacrosse for youth boys and girls, through teaching and competition. The Club will be a member of the statewide youth lacrosse league, currently the AYL for boys and girls, and be signatory to the league(s) rules and obligations. RMSLC will support all local area high school lacrosse programs, and encourage youth players to continue their participation at the high school level without prejudice.